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How to be discoverable in search engines

How to be discoverable in search engines

SEO marketing

What’s the point of not being found?

When you have spent a lot of time planning, creating and uploading a website – you are going to want people to find it. You may think that SEO marketing happens naturally and that Google will find your website by itself.

Google is smart, but not that smart!

You may think that because of the developments in Google technology you’ll never have to do SEO again.

Again, Google is still not as smart as SEO experts.

Instead of thinking the wrong way, you’ll need to think about implementing effective SEO marketing.

How does Google’s ranking work?

When people wonder how does SEO work, they often get it mixed up with PPC marketing.

Any business can get to the top of the paid advertisements if they are willing to pay more than their competitors.

However, SEO is more of an effective long-term method so that a business can organically reach its target market on a smaller budget.

What does Google factor in?

There are nine different key elements that Google considers in their SEO ranking.

It is not enough to include your chosen keyword 80 times in a piece that is 1000 pages long.

There are other important factors that need to be factored in when performing your SEO marketing!

SEO experts argue that the domain factors are very important to the website’s SEO as the domain information is described as the hardest to modify.

Domain factors

  1. Domain age: while there is no difference between a new website and an old website, Google does track the domain age. However, they said it is not important in their ranking.
  2. Keyword in the top-level domain: although having your chosen in your top-level domain does not boost your SEO score, it is still relevant and shows signs of authenticity to Google.
  3. The keyword is the first word in their domain: having a domain start with your main target word, can give you an advantage over your competitors.
  4. Length of domain registration: Google argues that domains with a longer registration length are likely to show more signs of being a legitimate website.
  5. Subdomain containing keyword: a keyword appearing in a subdomain can boost its SEO rankings, according to Moz.
  6. Domain history: if the website has a history of penalties or a ‘reset’ of the website, it can negatively impact the business’s SEO.
  7. Exact match domains: websites that incorporate the same keywords as the website domain can have a slight edge over their competitors.
  8. Public or private WhoIs information: companies that are hiding their WhoIs domain information may be doing it because they may have something to hide.
  9. WhoIs Owner and penalties: if Google notices that a WhoIs owner has received penalties in the past, it will impact the SEO of any website owned by the same person.
  10. Having a country TLD extension: this can impact your chances of ranking globally for specific keywords, but it can also benefit your chance of ranking in your chosen location.

How can I use SEO marketing to improve the website ranking?

Everything has to begin with a plan.

By discovering what changes you need to be made, it helps link your business goals to your expected marketing campaigns.

Not only does a marketing discovery process eliminate any guesswork for digital marketing experts by gathering data, but it easily identifies areas for improvement for the business.

Many individuals who are not digital marketing experts may see ‘search engine optimisation’ as a challenge that non-professionals cannot do.

The truth is that anyone can do SEO or outsource their SEO campaigns.

If you don’t want to take any risks with any of your internet marketing campaigns, the best thing to do is to let someone who knows what they are doing help you with your SEO.

As long as you have an idea of the work you want to be performed and your ideal results from the campaign, then anyone can have their SEO marketing improved.

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